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Code Enforcement

All building permits must be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer or the Planning Board (dependent upon location) BEFORE building, extending and/or renovating.   


Shoreland Zoning Application Policy:

  1. Before signing this application be sure all materials requested are enclosed

  2. Applications with missing information will be returned within 35 days of receipt

  3. Completed applications will be answered within 35 days of receipt

  4. Permits issued will lapse and become void within 1 year of date issued unless a substantial start is made in construction or use of the property (See section 16, subsection E and also definition of substantial start section 17)

  5. Permit fee must be paid when application is submitted.  See page 4 for fee schedule.  Applications without fees shall be considered incomplete

  6. The Planning Board may require additional information not encompassed by this application.  Said information shall be supplied at the expense of the applicant

  7. A before photo must be attached to application.  An after photo must follow completion.

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