Northern Aroostook Solid Waste Association

NASWA Transfer Station Hours of Operation


Summer Hours: Mid May - September

Wednesday: 6 - 8 PM

Saturday: 8 AM - 5 PM


Winter Hours: October - Mid May

Saturday: 8 AM - 5P.M.

Community Clean-Up Day is Saturday May 30, 2020.

NASWA community residents can drop off fee related 

items at no charge Excluding Tires and Shingles.

NASWA is made up of five member communities. Each community has one representative to the NASWA Board. The communities and their representatives are:

Eagle Lake:     Arthur Carroll   

Wallagrass:      Paul Lozier

New Canada:  Roger Desjardins

Winterville:     Reynold Hebert

Unorganized:  Paul Lozier

Board Chair: Arthur Carroll

Board Vice Chair: Roger Desjardins



Administrator: John Sutherland


T: 207-444-5511

F: 207-444-2810

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If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact the Eagle Lake Town Manager at (207) 444-5511. 

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