Northern Aroostook Solid Waste Association

NASWA Transfer Station Hours of Operation


Summer Hours: Mid May - October 14

Wednesday: 6 - 8 PM

Saturday: 8 AM - 5 PM


Winter Hours: October 15 - Mid May

Saturday: 8 AM - 5P.M.

NASWA is made up of five member communities. Each community has one representative to the NASWA Board. The communities and their representatives are:

Eagle Lake:     Arthur Carroll   

Wallagrass:      Paul Lozier

New Canada:  Joel Bossie

Winterville:     Reynold Hebert

Unorganized:  Paul Bernier

Board Chair: Arthur Carroll

Board Vice Chair:  Paul Lozier



Administrator: John Sutherland

Transfer Station Attendants

Reynold Hebert

Rosaire Daigle

Hampy Bouchard

Due to COVID-19, Facial Covering is Required