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Boards and Committees

Town Selectmen

Arthur Carroll, Chair
Wendy Dube
Jennifer Dube
Apryl Gagnon
Denise Martin

Budget Committee

Michelle Raymond

Crystal Parent



Town Forest Committee

Phillip LeBeouf

Fred Michaud

Michael Rochester

Phil Nadeau

Mark Belanger

Recreation Committee

Doris McNulty

Morgan Wilson

Ann Nadeau

Planning Board

John L. Martin, Chair

Paula Gardner

Tom Roy

Gary Voisine

Lauri Raymond ( Alternate) 

Highway Committee

Brian Devoe

Michael Michaud

Darcy K. Labbe

Fred Simard

Board of Appeals

Daniel Picard

Tom Pelletier


Eagle Lake School Board Directors

Reynold Raymond, Chair

Morgan Wilson

Tom Roy

Darcy J. Labbe, President

John L. Martin, Treasurer

Bruce Labbe

Gerald Raymond, Superintendent

Eagle Lake Water and Sewer

Michael Rochester     Dennis Cyr         John Pelletier       Dr. Paul Pelletier         Cyr Martin

Code Enforcement     Local Plumbing    Animal Control        Health Officer                  Constable

Officer                         Inspector            Officer                    

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