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Registering To Vote

You can register to vote at the Town Office, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  You may even register at the polls on Election Day.


Please bring proof of residency with the Town of Eagle Lake and proper identification. Examples of these items are a Maine driver's license with the physical address listed, this fulfills both criteria.  If the driver's license does not provide the physical address, a current bill addressed to the applicant may be used along with a social security card, birth certificate, or hunting/fishing license. 


Absentee Ballots

To obtain an absentee ballot for future elections, you can make the request no later than the Thursday prior to the Election.

·      By email, via the State of Maine’s absentee ballot request.

·      By phone at (207) 444-5511.

·      By mail at PO Box 287, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739

·      In person, at the Town Office located at 36 Devoe Brook Road, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739

The function of the Town Clerk falls under the jurisdiction and rules of the Secretary of State and the laws of the State of Maine for state and local elections.

The annual STATE elections are held on the first Tuesday in November, the voting polls are located at the Town Office.

Annual TOWN meetings are held on the third Wednesday in June.

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